To accommodate for the sheer size and sparse population of Newfoundland and Labrador, our Heroes Mending On The Fly program in the area is offered on a per-participant basis. We have two provincial program coordinators in Newfoundland, Eli Roswell for Central and Labrador and Jim Hapgood for the St John and the East Coast, they will introduce you to fly fishing, fly tying, and support you on a river and lake fishing outing.

Please use our contact form to get in touch so we can arrange an introduction and outing for you if you are a potential participant from Newfoundland!

I am writing to illustrate the fantastic experience I had learning how to fly fish with Mr. Eli Rowsell. Mr. Rowsell and I had worked together through the Canadian Armed Forces and while on summer leave Mr. Rowsell invited a colleague and I to join him and learn the art of Fly Fishing. 

Bright and early on a late July morning, my colleague Brad and I carpooled to Point Leamington, NL where we met Mr. Rowsell. He quickly outfitted us with fly rods, vests, and flies. After showing us how to put it all together we loaded up in his Side by Side and off to the Brooks and lakes we went. 

Once we reached the water we saw the Salmon jumping getting us excited. None were at the waters edge but that was ok because Brad and I were just learning the technique while being mentored by Mr. Rowsell on tips and tricks of fly fishing and how to read a Brook.

Throughout the day we explored multiple lakes, crossed bogs and fished multiple areas. Ultimately we ended up at Mr. Rowsell’s cabin where he generously allowed us to warm up after the rain had hit us.  Taking time to dry clothes and have a bite Brad and I continued to fish the Brook beside his cabin. 

When it was time to go, we came back to Point Leamington where Mr. Rowsell presented us with Heroes Mending on the Fly badges, coins, pamphlets and explained the benefits that can be initiated through the Soldier On program. Overall the experience was absolutely amazing and Mr. Rowsell teachings and experience is absolutely perfect for Heroes Mending on the Fly.

Thank you for a great time, see you next season.

WO / Adj Nick Luhtanen