National Leadership

WO Gervais Jeffrey, CD, (Ret’d)
National Director

I am a retired member of the Canadian Armed Forces with almost 42 years of service at the rank of Warrant Officer. My time of service is divided between the Naval Reserve for 9 years and active service as a vehicle technician for 32 years and 11 months. During those years of service, I had the opportunity to serve across Canada from east to west and from south to north as well. I had the chance to serve in Germany with my family, in Israel during 1999/2000, and in Afghanistan during 2007/08. I also did a short stay in Sarajevo in 1993 and Eretria in 2001.

I was about eight years old when I learned how to fly fish. Since then, I have become an avid fly fisher and take every opportunity to wet my line. While in Goose Bay, I taught myself to tie flies. Since then, I have loved tying my own flI was first involved with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada from 2009 to January 2019. Then with the help of this present executive committee, we founded Heroes Mending on The Fly Canada in February 2019. I am our current National Director.

James Vieveen
Administration Director
Col. Orest Babij


Patrick Ang
Communications Director and Hamilton Program Coordinator
Registration is currently open for our Hamilton 2023 program. Learn more here.


Bill Mermans
Western Ontario and Manitoba

My name is Bill and I served 22 years in the Canadian Forces as a young gunner with the 2nd Regiment RCHA and as an Operator with CSOR. 

I grew up in Thunder Bay on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Since I can remember I have had a fly rod in my hand and have been tying flies just as long. I spent my childhood in our local rivers chasing Steelhead, Salmon and Brook Trout. I was introduced to Heroes Mending On The Fly through a friend at a time in my life when I was in a bad place. The program renewed my passion for both fly fishing and tying and I found it incredibly therapeutic, both mentally and physically, to be back doing what I loved with wonderful men and women that understood what I was going through even if no words were exchanged. There is no better medication than being waist-deep in icy waters, cool quiet air, teeth chattering, fingers numb and that reel starts screaming. I have seen and experienced the positive impact this program has given to our veterans and those still serving and it’s a privilege to share my knowledge and passion with them. 


Open to Volunteers interested in starting a HMOTF Chapter in the Saskatchewan. Please reach out via our contact form.


Owen Stevens
Alberta Provincial Director

My name is Owen Stevens and I am the Alberta Provincial Director for Heroes Mending on the Fly Canada. I grew up on the B.C. coast and was introduced to fishing by my family members at a young age. 

Eventually, I moved to Alberta where 13 years ago I began fly fishing. Being a First responder I found fly fishing helped me to cope with the stressors of the occupation, I wanted to share my experiences with others and began a local HMOTF chapter in 2019.

Kerry Pitt
Edmonton Metropolitan Area Director

British Columbia

Don Smith 
British Columbia Provincial Director – Vancouver Island

I am a retired sailor who served 35 years in the Canadian Armed Forces as a member of the Royal Canadian Navy. I learned to fly fish while posted to Halifax in the early ’80s and I have had a passion for fly fishing and fly tying ever since then.  Living on Vancouver Island, I am extraordinarily fortunate to be close to great fishing all year round. I took on my role with Heroes Mending On The Fly in 2017.  I am thankful that I am able to help out those who have served us all.

Northwest Territories

Open to Volunteers interested in starting a HMOTF Chapter in the NWT. Please reach out via our contact form.


Currently, weekly activities are hosted in the Montréal area, Quebec City and Rimouski. Learn more about some of the outings our Québec programs here!

WO Richard Blanchet, (Ret’d)
Quebéc Provincial Director

My name is Richard Blanchet and I am a retired Warrant Officer who served 39 years with the Canadian Armed Forces. During my time of service, I did a few UN tours in locations such as Egypt, Cyprus, Yugoslavia (2) and Haiti. I also had the chance to do four years of service in Germany during the period of the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

My father taught me how to fish at a young age. I accompanied him quite often on the Rivière du Nord where he used to go fishing. This river is located in my hometown of Montmagny, Quebec. I also fished for the Striped Bass in the majestic St. Lawrence River before this species almost went extinct. 
When I retired from the service, I had the chance to reconnect with the joy of going fishing; during my service time, I rarely got the chance to do so. In 2012, I was introduced to fly fishing by my longtime friend Gervais Jeffrey (HMOTF National Director). He invited me to participate in a fly-tying course followed by the fly-casting clinic. Since then, I tie my own flies and I go on a lot of fly-fishing trips during the summer months. In 2015, I became the provincial director for the Quebec chapter of HMOTF. 


Danielle Beaulieu
Greater Montréal Region Director

My name is Danielle Beaulieu and I have been the HMOTF director for the greater Montreal region since 2016. It is thanks to the Club des Moucheurs du Montréal Métropolitain that I started fly fishing in 2000. I loved fishing in the small streams of the region. At that time, I used a 3-weight 6’3” fly rod which I greatly enjoyed fishing with. In 2013, during a visit to the Trois-Rivières fly fishing show, I discovered Tenkara fishing, this discovery changed my fishing style. Tenkara is an ancient Japanese fishing technique and I am now very passionate about this style of fishing.

In 2016, following a TV program, I found out about Heroes Mending On The Fly, a fly fishing program for servicemen with psychological injuries. I was drawn to volunteer to help in my area. Being a member of a military family myself, I have found it natural to give back to those who have served and who are suffering.

Nova Scotia

Learn more about our Nova Scotia Programming here.

CWO Ray McEachern, MMM, CD, (Ret’d)
Nova Scotia Provincial Director

I spent my career of 30 years of service split between the Army and RCAF with the Engineers.

After a few tours and multiple injuries, I was released in 2017. I have always been an avid fly fisherman and picked up tying early in my career from a brethren Engineer in the late 80s. This hobby has continued to grow over the years and now is a great pastime to keep me occupied through the winter months. My spring and summer are busy with time on the water which is more therapeutic than any treatment or medication could be.

I had a great career and when released, wanted a way to give back and help out fellow Veterans. This accompanied by my love for fly fishing has brought me to Heroes Mending On The Fly. I have been privileged and humbled to see the very positive impact on Veterans through this program over the past couple of years.

New Brunswick

Charles Boudreau
New Brunswick Provincial Director

I was born in 1961 in Bathurst, New Brunswick where I finished high school at BHS. I went to NBCC tech college for electronics and graduated in 1980. I worked with Fisheries and Oceans Canada for four years focusing on the enhancement and enforcement of salmon stocks in Bathurst.

I joined the RCAF in 1984 and served 30 years. I also worked with IMP Aerospace for 5 of those years.

I started fly fishing at age 5 and began to tie flies at age 13. I’m still at it to this day. I love the sport and enjoy the results I get as a provincial director with HMOTF and as an instructor to members of our organization. I look forward to strengthening our project and continuing to see the positive impacts we can make.


Jim Hapgood
Newfoundland Provincial Director

Eli Rowsell
Central Newfoundland Provincial Director

Learn more about our Newfoundland Program and how you can participate or get involved here!

Prince Edward Island

Wayne Grant
PEI Provincial Director


Open to Volunteers interested in starting a HMOTF Chapter in Nunavut. Please reach out via our contact form.


Open to Volunteers interested in starting a HMOTF Chapter in the Yukon. Please reach out via our contact form.